Late-ripening black table grape.
Origin: David Ramming and Ronald Tarailo, USDA Horticultural Crops Research Laboratory of Fresno, California. Not patented.

Autumn Black x C74-11 selected in 1984 tested as A97-68, introduced in 1996.
Fruit: large (6,5 g), of oval to elliptical shape; skin is black to purple- black with light waxy bloom, of medium toughness and is
well-attached to the fruit. Flesh is translucent yellowish-green and very firm. Flavour is sweet, neutral and pleasant. Quality is higher if
harvested at >18% soluble solids; in each berry two to four aborted seeds are present which vary in size from medium to small and nearly
invisible in some years. In Fresno Autumn Royal is ripe the first week of October.
Cluster: large (from 500g to 1kg), of conic shape with “shoulders”, full and compact; pedicels are of medium length with medium to weak attachment to the rachis.

Vine: medium to slightly weak vigour, branches and canes are fragile and can be easily broken by hand.
Production is good, leave spurs when pruning.