Ripening date: -8-10 days Golden Delicious.
Origin: American cultivar selected by Prof. J. Janick, Purdue University.
Proprietor: CRPV, Italy; exclusive to Zanzi Vivai within Italy.

General characteristics: fruit is spheric, symmetrical, with brilliant red over much of the skin; flesh firm, sweet, crisp and juicy.
High quality, with aromatic and sweet flavor and sufficient acidity.
Good storage potential, without physiological problems. Tends to set 1, or at maximum 2, fruit from each flower cluster, reducing the need for thinning (self-thinning variety). Fruit production is concentrated on the distal part of the branches giving the plant a “weeping” look; requires pruning strategies to leave the distal portions of the branches. Suitable for all zones.

L’albero ha vigoria media e portamento espanso, fruttifica su lamburde ed ha produzione elevata e precoce messa a frutto. Oltre alla tolleranza a ticchiolatura è dotata di scarsa suscettibilità ad oidio.

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