Harvest date: medium-early.
Plant: vigorous, of medium clump development, thin growth habit; yield is medium-high both in autumn and in spring; bloom is intermediate, and abundant.
Fruit: of large size especially soilless culture, of elongated-conic form, with resilient skin of red-orange colour even in autumn, uniform, very shiny and attractive even during hot periods in spring; flesh of light red colour, firm, aromatic.

The balanced sugar:acid ratio gives pleasant flavour. The detachment of fruit at harvest of medium-easy, though due to this variety’s rather thin growth habit, harvest yield is high.
Field results demonstrate that Eva is resistant to anthracnose and susceptible to powdery mildew, leaf spotting, bacterial infection (Xanthomonas fragariae) and root pathogens. Lab tests with artificial inoculation show that it is resistant to Colletotricum acutatum and susceptible to Alternaria alternata. Variety suited for greenhouse production in the areas of Verona and Cesena (Italy). Good performance
in autumn trials in Verona, both in the field and in soilless culture, where yield was very satisfactory.
Eva is distinct from other cultivars that ripen at the same time in terms of fruit quality; flesh firmness,
elongated-conic shape, good size and sufficient sweetness and aroma, coloration not too intense.