Obtained from the breeding programme co-financed by the Province of Verona and farmers associations of Verona, and conducted by a working group of two scientific institutions (CRA-FRF and Istituto Sperimentale di Frutticoltura – Provincia di Verona) and two Verona growers associations (Aposcaligera and COZ).
This variety is suited to northern Italy, and has an early harvest date (slightly later than Alba and with a
longer harvest). The best performance is in fertile and fumigated soils. The plant is of medium vigour and rather open growth habit; it is susceptible to anthracnose and powdery mildew.
Fruit is attractive, of regular conic shape and bright red colour which can be intense in hot periods; flesh is firm and skin withstands handling well. Of good organoleptic quality, thanks to a high degree of sweetness balanced by acidity. It should be noted that harvest is easy and that it is possible to
prolong the period between one round of picking and the next. One limit of this variety is the potentially smaller fruit size during the second half of the harvest period, especially with warm periods and high fruit load.

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