GOLD CHIEF® Gold Pink*


Ripening date: +8 Golden Delicious.
Origin: obtained in 1981 from CMVF of Bologna, Italy, from a cross of Starkcrimson x Golden Delicious.
Proprietor: CRPV, Italy; available exclusively from Vivai F.lli Zanzi in Italy.
General characteristics: Compact, semi-spur, high vigour, with high and consistent yield, no alternate bearing. Intense yellow fruit
is attractive with slight red blush over 20-40% of the surface. The shape is conic and ribbed, as Red Delicious, with symmetric bumps.
Firm, crisp, juicy flesh, flavourful fruit with good sugar acid balance (RSR>14°Brix), aromatic.
Excellent storage potential. Of interest for mountainous and hilly areas where fruit aesthetics and flavour are best. In 2007 this was
the best cultivar of the 12 most common within the European Union, as evaluated by the ISAFRUIT European taste panel.

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