Tyology: NEW ITALIAN STRAWBERRY VARIETIES BEING TESTED under license from the Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture – Research Unit for Fruit Growing in Forlì (CRA-FRF)
Characteristics: Obtained as part of the Genetic Improvement Project conducted by CRA-FRF in the metapontino, together with the Piraccini Secondo s.r.l. Society of Cesena. Due to the low winter cold requirement of plants it is mainly suitable for southern areas, but can also adapt to protected cultivation in some central-northern areas; it has an era of early maturation, anticipates by a week the beginning of Candonga®Sabrosa in the south and a few days Alba in the north. Very productive, especially if cultivated as a plant “rooted peak”, it is distinguished by a high vegetative vigour, which can become excessive if unbalanced nitrogen fertigation interventions are used. It is tolerant to pathogens of the root system and susceptible to oi god and fruit rot. The fruit is also of great size in the continuation of harvesting, especially if fresh “bare root” plants are used. Excellent is the look for the shape perfectly
Elongated conical of the fruit, very regular, of good consistency of the pulp; the high sweetness makes the fruits very tasty. The main defects are related to possible cracks in the base of the fruit in the winter period in conjunction with too low temperatures and above all with unbalanced nutritional contributions to plants; always in the winter months you can record a not perfect coloring of the base of the fruit (sometimes white); the susceptibility of fruits to rot is especially evident in cases of plants that are too vigorous or with too high planting density.