Grapes have the richest history and traditions of any fruit. “Table” grapes, on the other hand, is a recent classification that evolved mainly in Italy in the second half of the 1800s, just after Italian unification. The intention was to identify and promote some varieties that are more suited to fresh consumption than to wine-making, though this distinction had been made centuries before in Egypt, Israel and Persia.
Italy has historically been a leader in grape cultivation, especially for table grapes.
Field management techniques, irrigation, vine nutrition, physiology, climate factors, soil characteristics, official guidelines for production and many other factors make the production of this crop highly technical and it is in continuous evolution despite the historical, ancient relationship that binds it to man, his culture and his religions.
Research and breeding programs contribute new and improved varieties that meet the classic standards of flavour, attractiveness, productivity, resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, etc.
In this complex framework, Vivai F.lli Zanzi, in collaboration with other nurseries, has for years selected the best varieties, whether patented or freely available, to offer to its clients.
Vivai F.lli Zanzi offers a wide range of both seedless and seeded cultivars of varying maturation dates, from very early to very late, in a variety of colours: golden, red and black.
Through collaboration with research institutions, universities and free-lance experts, Vivai F.lli Zanzi is among the few nurseries to offer, in addition to plants, a range of highly professional products and services such as:
> knowledge of all of the most modern agronomic techniques;
> consulting for all the new structural developments in the sector (plastic covering films, nets, trellising equipment,…);
> technical consulting in the field, from vineyard management to phytosanitary issues, drawing on the official guidelines for production recognized by the Regions;
> customized nutritional plans based on variety and field conditions;
> large viticultural projects.

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